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Happy Friday the 13th! 
model: my fiance c;
make-up by: me! (stitchedupkrissy)

SIAD - Self Injury Awareness Day

This Thursday (March 1st). March 1st is SIAD - Self Injury Awareness Day. If you know a friend who struggles with something like this, let them know they’re not alone and you want to help. ♥ Share this with your tumblr and spread the word ♥

I bet not many will actually reblog this in fear of it “hindering” their own blog, or they may truly not understand what self-injury is or why others do it. Allow someone to know they’re not alone, and that you care, and want to help. Wear an orange ribbon, the color orange, or even draw a butterfly on someone, or even write “love” on their arms.

a small change in murder weapon c;